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Apple iPad..

Friday, January 29th, 2010
  1. No matter what…iPad is still an Apple product and people will buy it.
  2. So far there is no other product (e-readers/tablets) that can beat Apple in design
  3. iPad will now be very useful to Systems engineers and desktop support personnel. They can now run some custom web applications at a decent resolution. Highly useful when on the move.

Wired’s conclusion:

Starting at a $500 price point, it remains to be seen whether the iPad will shake up the PC industry. Its clearest competitor is the netbook category. But it’s worth noting the iPhone didn’t start out as much — an iPod, a phone and a fancy web browser — and about a year later it gave birth to a new digital frontier with the App Store. We’ll follow up with more stories analyzing the iPad’s potential.

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Atlast a new Desktop … guess what !!!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

I brought a iMAC !!!!

Never thought I would say those words…there you go…after two years with out a desktop, I decided that it’s high time to get one. Since I do all my development with my beloved Dell, I needed a machine which can do all my multimedia work…and that’s mainly converting and creating DVD’s from my Handy cam. The answer was simple…get a MAC, so walked in to David Jones yesterday and got one straight away…..setup was a breeze…no messy cables just the Display, Keyboard and mouse.

I should thank my collegue Paul Jones for suggesting I get the 20 inch iMAC with 1 Gb RAM as I can always upgrade the RAM later and that saved me a good $400 and in turn made my decision of getting one faster.

Next, I need to try the boot camp and get Vista for my .NET stuff.

Update 28-Nov-2009:
It’s now more than a year since I got my mac. I should say I am very very happy with and I am using VMWare Fusion to run Windows 2003 and Ubuntu.

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