Deepak Vasa works as a Senior Application Developer at RMIT Publishing, Melbourne. He loves working with new technologies and is interested in just about any thing geeky.

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  1. Nuoya Li says:

    Hi Deepak,

    My team at Lucida Consulting and I would very much like to engage you in a discussion after looking through your Meetup and Twitter profile. We have a number of roles you could potentially be a great fit for: One of of them is –

    Employer: ASX backed startup

    Salary: Up to $180K plus benefits

    The Challenge: We’re building a search engine from scratch. Taking search beyond what Lucene and Elastic can do.

    Skills: We looking for the best OO language expertise.

    Location: MEL or SYD

    Culture/The People: Relaxed. Smart. Flexible.

    The employer has described this as cutting edge search powered by ML, AI and massive data sets.

    If you’d like to know more, please reply with your number and a time you’d like me to call and discuss.


    Nuoya Li

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