Guest Lecture @ RMIT School of Business

Written by Deepak Vasa on December 13th, 2009

I did a Guest Lecture on how we use RDBMS (SQL Server) at my work. It was aimed at first year undergrads who are doing an introduction to Relational Databases (RBDMS). I had some great time in preparing the presentation slides and delivering the content. The students were quite good and were keen to understand how databases are used in Industry. My whole lecture was focused on how we do a new database project at work right from inception phase, design phase to finally incorporating it into the whole project.

The best part is they loved the fact that we use a White-board to do all our design and planning work, which we later capture by taking photos. With the new TeamBoard system that we got recently it’s got even more fun. 🙂

I concluded at the end of the lecture that all the social networks that they interact with all have massive databases behind the scenes. So in future when they are involved in designing databases, depending on the project, they can use their extensive end user experience and think of the various information that they will need to store in the database.

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