LINQ to SQL – Not Dead

Written by Deepak Vasa on November 3rd, 2008

For those who are not aware, last week there has been some misunderstanding regarding the future of LINQ to SQL based on announcements made by MS at PDC. Well after reading a few blogs around the Blogosphere I have come accross the following posts which explain that there is future for L2S:

Read Damien Guard’s blog ->

Read Huagati’s Blog ->

Further I found this cool image supporing L2S here

Long live LINQ to SQL !!!

Long live LINQ to SQL !!!

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  1. Younhu says:

    作業系統 Windows VISTA Enterprise sp2 x64錯誤提示 Error executing SQL.Error [26]: File opeend that is not a database file.”SELECT * FROM [UpFileHis]”: file is encrypted or is not a database.Access violation at address 00616755 in module ‘UDown.exe’. Read of address 00000008.

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