Atlast a new Desktop … guess what !!!

Written by Deepak Vasa on July 25th, 2008

I brought a iMAC !!!!

Never thought I would say those words…there you go…after two years with out a desktop, I decided that it’s high time to get one. Since I do all my development with my beloved Dell, I needed a machine which can do all my multimedia work…and that’s mainly converting and creating DVD’s from my Handy cam. The answer was simple…get a MAC, so walked in to David Jones yesterday and got one straight away…..setup was a breeze…no messy cables just the Display, Keyboard and mouse.

I should thank my collegue Paul Jones for suggesting I get the 20 inch iMAC with 1 Gb RAM as I can always upgrade the RAM later and that saved me a good $400 and in turn made my decision of getting one faster.

Next, I need to try the boot camp and get Vista for my .NET stuff.

Update 28-Nov-2009:
It’s now more than a year since I got my mac. I should say I am very very happy with and I am using VMWare Fusion to run Windows 2003 and Ubuntu.

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